2015 CAA Awards for Excellence


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Star Award                               Winner Award                        Runner- up Award


A gala evening was held for 2015 CAA Awards for Excellence on Wednesday 14th October at the Pullman on the Park Melbourne.

The Star Award was awarded to Ryan Lovet- ASNSW- for CADLink:

Star Award Recipient RyanLovett Ryan receiving his trophy from David Leggett- SDSI -Sponsor of the Awards and David Waters CEO CAA

The finalists for each category were:

Educational         Charmaine Marshall- Vollie TV.  'Vollie TV is a new training package for WA ambulance volunteers where the course is mapped to on-road clinical skills and clinical practice guidelines, rather that units of competencise from a National training Package'.

                          - David Bugeja & Beck Lawler- Design & Implementation of a Carers & Accompanying person Survey. 'In early 2014 Ambulance Victoria decided to explore the benefit of expanding the current  Patient Satisfaction Survey to include Carers and/or Accompanying persons and specific measures related to patient experience'.

 Educational CharmaineMarshall CAA Chair RossCoburn                                        Educational Award Recipients BeckLawler DavidBegeja CAA Chair RossCoburn

Charmaine Marshall & Ross Coburn CAA Chair             Beck Lawler & David Bugeja with Ross Coburn CAA Chair

Clinical              -  Lachlan Parker & QAS DCPM Project Team - Digital Clinical Practice Manual (DCPM).  'In 2013 the Queensland Ambulance Service mad a significant decision and committment organisationally to invest in a mobile platform. This platform has generated a virtual office environment for paramedics, through resourcing every paramedic in 2015 with a personal mobile device connecting them to the organisation and to the World Wide Web'.

                        -  Catherine Wright & Clinical Performance & Safety Team- ASNSW- Extended Care Paramedic Management of Behavioural & Psychological of Dementia.  'Frequently, Paramedics are called to support Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) with patients experiencing behavioural and/or psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). Typically, these residents are transported to Public Hospital Emergency Departments for treatment. This act of relocating residents living with dementia from their familiar environment into the frenetic tertiary hospital system dramatically increases their confusion leading to further cognitive and functional decline. Ideally, treatment of the BPSD patient should be coordinated to support treatment of the resident within the RACF rather than translocating them to another treatment facility.Extended Care Paramedics (ECPs) have the skills to safely and respectfully treat BPSD patients within community settings such as RACFs. They are able to provide high quality health care that not only supports patients but also assists carers and families. An overarching treatment principal is to avoid, wherever possible, the use of restraint and seclusion'.

Clinical Award Recipient Lachlan Parker StJohnNT CEO Ross Coburn                                                                      Clinical Award Recipient CatherineWright CEO StJohnNT RossCoburn

Lachlan Parker receiving trophy from Ross Coburn                     Catherine Wright receiving trophy from Ross Coburn

Management     -   Desiree O'Brien - NSW Ambulance Command Program- ASNSW.   'CADLink was developed by NSW AMbulance in 2013 to provide critical real time, operational and situational awareness tools to operational managers and control centre staff. CADLink is a suite of tools designed to provide real time computer aided dispatch system data to PCs and handheld devices throughout the organisation'.

                          -  NSW Ambulance- Today We Make Tomorrow Different.  'During 2013, staff from around the state provided opinion about how NSW Ambulance should operate to ensure the best care can be delivered to patients. This information was considered by the Executive Leadership Team when developing the new organisational vision. No longer just an emergency transport service, our new vision – Making Tomorrow Different – sees us positioned firmly as an emergency mobile health service. Rather than a one-size-fits-all treat-and-transport model, which takes every patient to a hospital to get care, we will take the appropriate health care to our patients. By changing our mindset about how we respond and focusing on the right care, to the right patient, in the right way, in the right place, at the right time, we will inevitably free up our resources and emergency departments'.

Management Award DesireeOBrien                      DavidDutton

Desiree O'Brien                David Dutton

Technical           -  Ryan Lovett - CADLink- ASNSW- 'CADLink was developed by NSW Ambulance in 2013 to provide critical real time, operational and situational awareness tools to operational managers and control centre staff. CADLink is a suite of tools designed to provide real time computer aided dispatch system data to PCs and hand held devices throughout the organisation'.

                          -  Stephen Moore- QAS iRoam Project Team- Integrated Realtime Operations Management System (iROAM) - 'The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) designed, developed and operates a web-based browser application, called iROAM (integrated Real-time Operational Ambulance Management), providing real-time monitoring of ambulance demand and resources in the mobile environment. Due to the increasing demand for ambulance services in Queensland, QAS is constantly faced with the challenge to find ways to maximise the efficient use of existing resources. iROAM is an integrated information management and delivery solution that provides timely and relevant information directly to operational supervisors to enable dynamic deployment strategies and effective load-sharing across Department of Health hospitals'.


Technical Ryan Lovett CADLink Winner            Stephen Gough QAS iRoam Team acceptance   

  Ryan Lovett                 Stephen Gough receiving trophy from Tony walker