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Ambulance services take life saving to heart

Every year 23,000 Australians and 4,600 New Zealanders suffer a cardiac arrest – only one in ten survive.

Today (October 16) ambulance services in Australia and New Zealand join their counterparts around the world to raise awareness of the alarming statistic and the simple steps which can revive a victim of cardiac arrest.

The ten services, all members of the Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA), will hold public events and undertake a social media campaign to demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to save a life in these circumstances.

CAA Chief Executive David Waters said: “This is an exciting campaign we hope will have a dramatic impact on the public’s understanding and confidence in using CPR and AEDs to save someone’s life.”

Ambulance Victoria held a successful inaugural event in 2016 following on from the introduction of the campaign in Europe.

“We hope that this year’s extended campaign with an impressive range of activities in metropolitan and regional centres and engagement on social media, will herald a positive change.

“It is important that the message continues to resonate throughout the year, here and across the globe, so that communities, schools, sporting groups, businesses, everyone gets involved.

“Our member services deserve acknowledgement for their dedication and inspired program of activities building on their outstanding achievements in the pre-hospital sector.”

Further information on Restart A Heart Day is available at: (Australia) and (New Zealand)

Each of the above websites links to ambulance services and their events.

The Council of Ambulance Authorities is the representative body for the principal statutory providers of ambulance services in Australia and New Zealand.

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