Paramedic Education

CAA Accredited Courses – Information for prospective students and universities

The Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) has established the Paramedic Education Program Accreditation Scheme (PEPAS) for tertiary entry level or entry to practice paramedic courses. Accreditation ensures that graduates meet the requisite education, training and practice proficiency standards for employment with Australian and New Zealand ambulance services as entry-level Ambulance Paramedics.

There are three stages of accreditation for entry-level paramedic education programs:

Preliminary approval

Provisional accreditation

Full accreditation


All courses, regardless of their accreditation status, are subject to the quality standards set by CAA's Paramedic Education Programs Accreditation Scheme (PEPAS).

The accreditation status relates to the length of time the course is taught, refer accreditation timeline.

Course commences -  Preliminary Approval for 18 months  => Provisional Accreditation for 3 years  =>  Full Accreditation for 5 years  =>  Reaccreditation