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If you are involved in pre-hospital care the 2019 CAA Conference is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, innovation, success stories and ideas about the future of ambulance and paramedic services.

Our theme for the 2019 Conference, Building Ambulance Services for 2050, will focus on technology, innovation and digital disruption, the future of clinical services and the paramedic of 2050. 

The CAA19 Conference will be held in Perth, Western Australia from 13-15 August 2019 and will offer a dynamic program with opportunities to consider the remarkable medical and technological developments of the 21st Century and to debate and imagine the possibilities ahead.

Presentations should address the following sub-themes incorporating urban, regional, rural and remote issues:

Technology, innovation and digital disruption 
How will advances in technology contribute to ambulance service operations/paramedicine? Have they improved services, equipment? Have there been missteps that should be corrected? Are paramedics better equipped to perform their duties? Innovations including Artificial Intelligence (AI), electronic health records, robotics, drones, self-driving ambulances, 4D imaging, new diagnostic apps – what’s available now and what can be expected in the decades ahead? How will we deal with digital distraction within our workforce?

The future of Clinical services 
How are clinical aspects of paramedicine changing in a more technology focused world? What have we learned? What does the future hold for improvements in Resuscitation methods and treatments for Stroke and Sepsis?

The paramedic of 2050 
How should we prepare to train and educate paramedics for a future where the population comprises a higher percentage of older people who are living longer? What role will the community have in supporting paramedics to do their work (i.e. high standard computer access in remote regions, basic first aid knowledge …). Alternative pathways to healthcare apart from hospital emergency departments and how do we support our paramedics to decide the best pathway for patients.  

Within each of these areas, abstracts can investigate issues impacting on current service delivery models and what lies ahead; workforce well-being; quality and safety standards alongside patient outcomes.

In continuing with CAA conference traditions, successful presentations will target a senior leadership audience and will be delivered in a compelling and energetic style.  The use of high quality, dynamic presentation software such as Prezi and videos is encouraged, as is delegate interaction where appropriate.  

We invite submissions and look forward to showcasing a wide variety of projects, programs and case studies that will allow us to look through the window of tomorrow into the world of ambulance service delivery in 2050, to see expected improvements for our patients, our people and our community.

Submissions close Friday 29 March 2019.

Submit your CAA Conference abstract online by clicking HERE.

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