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Resuscitation Academy Network Event (RANE) 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

Program and Video Presentations

Videos of presentations, where we have received the speaker’s consent, are available below.

DAY 1: MonDAY 6 AUGUST 2018

Peter Bradley – St John New Zealand

Video: Introduction by Mickey Eisenberg, MD

Overview and System Assessment 
Tony Walker – Ambulance Victoria (Overview) 
Ann Doll – Resuscitation Academy (System Assessment)

The 10 Steps Overview and Systems Approach
Peter Kudenchuk – Resuscitation Academy

Video: A Few Words of Wisdom - The Seven Mantras

Step One – Establish a cardiac arrest registry
Karen Smith – Ambulance Victoria 


• Which ONE of the 10 steps do you want to work on first?
• Does your current cardiac arrest registry accurately measure the effectiveness of your efforts?

The Science of Cardiac Arrest
Peter Kudenchuk – Resuscitation Academy

Video: Science of CPR with Peter Kudenchuk, MD

• Do your paramedics understand the mechanism of action of CPR?
• What is the typical chest compression fraction in your ambulance service?

Step Four – Begin Rapid Despatch
Tony Smith – St John New Zealand

Video: Step 4 – Implement Rapid Dispatch


Step Two – Telephone CPR
Tony Smith – St John New Zealand (The importance of T-CPR) 
Julie Buckingham – RQI Partners (Improving the quality of your T-CPR - demo) 

Stephen Ball – Curtin University, WA (T-CPR research findings) 

Step Three – High Performance CPR 
Peter Kudenchuk – Resuscitation Academy (Introduction to High Performance CPR)
HP CPR Demonstration NZ Team: Johnny Mulheron, Bridget Dicker, Curt Ward, Tony Smith 

Video: Step 3 - Implement High Performance CPR with Ongoing Training & QI

MICR St John WA video presentation
Dan Rose – St John WA

• How would you teach HP-CPR in your service?

Team Training how to improve the quality of CPR 
Q-CPR: David LaCombe – RQI Partners   


Step Four – Begin Rapid Dispatch
Tony Smith – St John New Zealand

Step Five – Measure Resuscitation Quality using Defib Recording
Tony Smith – St John New Zealand

Video: Measure and Improve, an Interview with Mike Helbock

• Does YOUR service capture defibrillator recordings?
• Does YOUR service capture audio or video recordings of real resuscitations?

Homework Task
System Assessment Tool, David La Combe – RQI Partners 

Day One closing remarks

DAY 2: TueSDAY 7 AUGUST 2018

Welcome and recap of Day One
Ann Doll and Peter Kudenchuk – Resuscitation Academy

System Assessment Tool feedback 
David LaCombe – RQI Partners

Step Six – Begin an AED Program for First Responders
Dan Ohs and Tony Smith – St John New Zealand
Michelle Murphy – Ambulance Victoria

Video: Seattle Fire Department, High Performance CPR, Training Video, 2014

• Who do you consider (services and/or agencies) should assist ambulance services in co-responding to cardiac arrest in the community? 

Step Seven – Smart technologies to extend CPR and public access defibrillation programs
Tony Walker – Ambulance Victoria, Tony Smith and Bridget Dicker – St John New Zealand 

• Has YOUR service implemented a Smartphone app to crowd source CPR?
• Who is being recruited to participate?


Step Eight – Enhance CPR and AED training in Schools and the Community
Bridget Dicker – St John New Zealand

Restart A Heart Day: David Waters – CAA

• Does YOUR service support community training?
• Is CPR training in schools mandatory?

Step Nine – Work toward accountability – submit annual reports to the community
Bridget Dicker – St John New Zealand

• Does YOUR service publish a public annual report on Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest?


Step Ten – Work toward a Culture of Excellence
Peter Kudenchuk – Resuscitation Academy

Case Studies and implementing the Steps
• Implementing the Steps in Denmark: Freddy Lippert, EMS Copenhagen

• Implementing the Steps in Victoria: Challenges and early successes/wins – Tony Walker, Ambulance Victoria

• Implementing the Steps in WA: A case study presentation – Dan Rose, St John Ambulance WA

• Implementing the Steps in NZ: Tony Smith – St John NZ

Project Identification
Ann Doll – Resuscitation Academy and David Waters, CAA 

Evaluation and Closing remarks
Peter Kudenchuk – Resuscitation Academy